2019 is moving fast! We are half way through February and still have a lot of goals to accomplish. We have however, added one more beer to our list! We’re calling it the Black Bear Porter. It’s is a baltic style and has just a hint of chocolate. For those of you who like coffee porters or stouts, know that it is on our minds and we will make a style with coffee eventually. 

We also recently got on tap at a new place, Waddell’s Neighborhood Pub and Grille located on the South Hill. There is one more place we should be getting on tap soon in the next two weeks. 

Recently we have been working on being consistent with our current recipes. Being consistent means hitting your OG (not not original gangster) or your Original Gravity. For those newer to the brewing community, this term, OG, is used to determine the Alcohol content of the beer. You take a reading after you transfer your beer into your fermentor and that gives you your OG. Then when the fermentation process is done, you will take a FG (no not a field goal) or a Final Gravity reading. The difference between that first reading (OG) and the final reading (FG) will be your ABV (alcohol by volume). Hitting the OG is important and not always easy, especially when you have a small system. For some further depth on the subject of gravity readings, here is a cool article about it!

As always, we will continue to do our best to make some great beer for you to taste. The snow might have slowed us down but it definitely did not stop us! Stay tuned for future announcements as we look to attend the Spokane Brewer’s Fest in May at the Arena. 


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