We are brewing again

The last two weeks have been interesting. We were finally able to brew and use our new 1BBL SS Brewtech Brite tank we purchased. It is so much better than the two half barrel fermenters we were using before. The main reason being, we can now put our entire batch we brew into one single vessel instead of splitting it into two. If there was one thing I would change from the start it would be getting at least 1BBL brite and/or fermenters. 

Another thing I might change is that the system I bought, although labeled as a 1BBL system, isn’t really a 1BLL system. It doesn’t have the capacity to produce a full barrel of beer in a single batch. The kettles are only 30 gallons. A full barrel is 31 gallons and so what we really need is a 50 gallon kettle. 

I have a wort chiller that works amazing. However, the key for it to work is a hose with running water. Unfortunately, this last week it froze over night. The water in the hose was frozen solid and I was unable to use the chiller. So instead of transferring it straight to our new brite tank and letting it ferment, we had to wait quite awhile for the beer to cool down to the right temperature. 

Safe to say this week there were a lot of things to learn from. Moving forward we will be looking at acquiring a 1 BBL Fermentor from SS Brewtech as well as a separate 50 gallon kettle with it’s own burner. 

Our Grizzly IPA is fermenting right now but should be done in another week and a half. Once it’s finished we will let you know where you can find it.


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