This will be the first of many posts about Our Story. We will provide you updates with what we have going on and what we have been doing. These posts will include struggles we’ve recently faced as well as what accomplishments we have achieved. This is a continuation of our first posts about How to Start a Brewery. These posts will differ by the fact they’re very recent events to let you experience our journey with us. With that, lets begin. 

If you read the previous posts, you know that we have a 1BBL SABCO machine. Our thought when buying this was we would be able to make two 1/2 kegs at a time. Starting off, that seemed like a lot of beer and selling two kegs per batch is a good way to start out. Well, this machine naturally does not create one full barrel of wort per batch. The mash tank and boil tank are only 30 gallons. To fill two kegs we would need 31 gallons (15.5 gal each). With a 30 gallon boil tank, you obviously can’t boil 30 gallons worth or it will create a big mess. Therefore, we typically boil about 27 gallons. By the end of the boil we usually lose 1-2 gallons from evaporation. That leaves us with about 25 gallons of wort. We also cannot get all 25 gallons out as we stop around 3-4 gallons left so that we don’t filter in all the boil hops into the fermentors. This then leaves us with about 21-22 gallons of wart per batch. This was clearly a problem for us and we had to find a solution. Our two options that we came up with are 1) get a larger boil tank or 2) brew two batches back to back. With restrictions on the height of the boil tank we decided to go with option 2. 

Another issue we ran into was the two 1/2bbl fermentors we have cannot be chilled or temp controlled with glycol. Therefore, they have to be crashed in a refrigerator. We only have one refrigerator so this is a problem. To solve this we simply decided to go bigger. We just got in our new 1BBL (40 gallon) fermentor. For this we decided to go with the SS Brewtech Brite Tank brewmaster edition along with a glycol machine. We have yet to unpack it as we are finishing our brew house so that we can make room for it. 

One more little piece that we completely forgot about was keg valve caps. We got our amazing new kegs in from KegLogistics but didn’t even think about getting caps. Those will be ordered shortly. 

That is all for now. Please continue to follow us on social media to stay updated about new posts. We hope you enjoy following along with us on our journey.


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